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This week in 2F.

Saturday 12th July | 1 comment

What an busy week we have had! Please do look at the posts below this one to see more details and pictures from some of the things we have done in class.

On Monday we had a brilliant day making kites. We applied out Maths skills by creating a mini kite and then scaling it up. We applied our science skills by investigating the best choice of material to make the kite from. We applied out DT skills, having to construct the kite and attach the spars and tail and we used our art skills to decorate the kites. Now they are ready for some test flights!

On Tuesday morning we had a wonderful poetry session with 1GJ and together the children created some fabulous acrostic poems about the World Cup.

On Wednesday we joined 2H for a drama day, which helped us to think about life on an island or a seaside town.

On Friday we used our Dojo time to complete the kites and enjoyed welcoming 4SG and our families when they came to play our Arcade Games.

It was simply impossible for me to choose our Special Mention children as everyone had really been fantastic, so the class discussed who they would like to nominate for this week. They chose Ruqayyah as she always gets the most Dojo points and is our blogging champion and they chose Ben and Eden for always working hard and being kind and helpful to everyone in class. They awarded the children a ‘Be Happy’ certificate as they make all the class feel happy and proud of them.


We also were very proud of the children’s achievements on Mathletics. Harveer was presented with his 1st Glod Mathletics award and Finn achieved his 2nd Gold Mathletics Awards. Eva was the Mathlete of the week with a score of over 9,000!

Well done to everyone who has achieved their Mathletics certificate this week.

IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4363


We have another amazingly busy week planned for next week. On Monday at 5pm it is the Year 2 to Year 3 Transition meeting .  (There will be  Mathletics Club, as usual on Monday.) On Tuesday we go to Bridlington, Wednesday we visit Farsley Library and on Thursday it is Sports Day!

Thank you again to all the parents who came and played the Arcade Games and to the parents who are travelling with us to Bridlington. Have a brilliant weekend and I look forward to the final full week of Year 2. Mrs Fisher 🙂

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  1. Karen Chaudhari says:

    You have been so busy 2F and have achieved so much this week WELL DONE. I’m looking forward to seeing your kites on Tuesday…let’s hope the sun shines!

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