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This week in 2F.

Saturday 10th May | 2 comments

In Literacy, the children have found out a lot of facts about dinosaurs and together we planned an information report about dinosaurs. we have learned how to sort the information we know on a spidergram and have used titles and subtitles to organise our work. Everyone wrote an introduction, with general facts about dinosaurs and then we wrote a paragraph about the Tyrannosaurus Rex and one about the Parasaurolophus. After that the children chose their own favourite dinosaurs to write paragraphs about and finally they wrote a conclusion. In ICT the children have been busy making their reports into booklets and leaflets. This guide will help your child write a report about anything that interests them, from football to pets and ballet! Click to enlarge on the image to enlarge it. For information on report writing click here.

Drips tips for report writing-page-001


In Maths we continued to explore the book, Tyrannosaurus Math and recapped on how to use arrays to answer multiplication questions. We also revisited shape (see the earlier blog post).  For homework this week the children have brought home a Mathletics Quiz book and have been challenged to beat their previous best score on Mathletics. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to Mathletics online, the children can use the booklet instead.

Well done to Karndip and Ishaveer who were our Special Mention children this week. It was incredibly hard to choose the ‘Special Mentions’ this week as everyone has been ‘Being the best they can be,’ but Karndip and Ishaveer have been working very hard at school, in class  and with Mrs Loveridge, their homework and effort in our Maths Club showed they were also putting in extra effort at home. Well done to you both. 🙂

2 responses to “This week in 2F.”

  1. janefisher says:

    I’m glad that the report writing tips were useful. Thank you for the comment. Mrs Fisher.

  2. Kate park says:

    Thank you very much for the information on report writing , it is very helpful. Isla’s older sister has also used it to complete her homework about the Saxons.

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