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Wednesday 10th June

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Good morning everyone. It has been great to hear that some of you have been getting out in the wild! There are some great photos to look at below. Lots of you were lucky enough to find bog babies too; we are looking forward to reading your final reports on Friday. Please email these to class teachers.

See below for the home learning activities for Wednesday and Thursday this week.

  • lesson 3 maths- finding change
  • lesson 3b – problem solving (not WRM)
  • Bog baby report paragraphs on habitat and diet.
  • PE activity
  • Geography- map skills


Lesson 3- Finding Change

When we completed this learning in school earlier in the year, we did lots of work on number bonds. If children know their number bonds to 10, they can easily find change from 10p. If children know their number bonds to 20, they can find change from 20p etc.

Here are some activities to try first:

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Choose number bonds- Make 10, Make 20 or Make 100 games.


Watch the video below and complete the worksheet in your pack.

Lesson 3b- Problem solving


Look at the items above and answer these questions:

  1. Find 2 items that total £1.
  2. Find 3 items that total £1.
  3. Find 4 items that total £1.

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Reasoning Challenge:


Re-read the habitat and diet paragraphs in the example report.

Habitat Paragraph:

Where does your bog baby live in the wild? What is it like? What other creatures live there? What plants grow there?

Make a list of words and phrases then write your paragraph.

Diet Paragraph:

What does your bog baby eat? How does it find its food? How does it eat it? What happens if it eats the wrong food?

Here are some sentence starters to help you:

Bog babies eat…
They catch…
They eat them by….
They should not eat….
_ is dangerous…
If they eat…..


Task 1: Can you remember the names of the continents and oceans? Play these interactive games:



Task 2:

Can you locate your home on a map? Use google maps or google Earth to explore your local area. Can you find school?


Task 3:

Create a map of your local area. What will you include?


Encourage your child to take part in this football themed Super Movers! There are two levels – Super Movers are a great way to keep active and have fun! Try Go Noodle and dance along to one of their routines – there’s plenty to choose from and the whole family can join in!

Photos from home

Photos from school

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