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Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January

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Good morning everybody. We hope you are enjoying the lessons this week so far. It has been lovely to see so many of you on the live Google meets. Thank you to everyone who has sent examples of their work to us. We really enjoy seeing what you have produced at home. Please see below for this week’s timetable and lessons for Wednesday and Thursday.

This Week’s Home Learning

Reminder: Maths Drop in Sessions

Don’t forget that we are adding another extra google meet from this week. At 2pm-2:30pm on Thursday, there will be another maths drop in available for anyone who has any questions or would like some extra help. This will be led by Mr Durkin in Mr Durkin’s Room which you have all been invited to. This will not be a structured lesson. Children or parents will need to say which particular question or strategy they would like some help with.


We hope you have managed to practise your reading this week. New reading books will be sent home on Friday in the new home learning packs.

If you have already completed the reading comprehension sheets we sent in the previous home learning pack, and wish to practise some more, here are two more comprehensions to complete: Winter Wonderland A and Winter Wonderland B. Winter Wonderland B is the more challenging of the two texts.


Join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Wednesday: We will be continuing to write our non-chronological report with a paragraph on 1960’s entertainment.

Here are the teaching slides:

Thursday: We will write a paragraph about what homes were like in the 1960’s.

Here are the teaching slides:


The next two maths lessons are continuing with our work on division. Google meets will be at 11am as usual. Please join us if you can.

Wednesday: we will be focusing on dividing by 10.

Here are the teaching notes:

There is an additional activity in your home learning pack:

Thursday: Number sentences

Here are the teaching slides and activity:


Join us for a Google meet 1pm Wednesday. Today we will be looking at what fashion was like in the 1960’s.

Here are the teaching slides:

Task: To design an outfit inspired by 1960’s patterns and fashion.


Join us for a Google meet 1pm Thursday. Today we will be learning about who Andy Warhol was and we are going to produce artwork in the style of Andy Warhol. Here are the teaching slides and an information Powerpoint about who Andy Warhol was.

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