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World Maths Day.

Thursday 7th March | 1 comment

World Maths Day was a brilliant day. We did Maths all day and enjoyed every minute of it! First we went out side and used the playground markings to play some fun Maths games. When we came back inside we practised our tables. We sang some time table songs and some children used the Lego bricks to help them remember their 2x tables. Some of us had learned the 2x, 5x and 10x tables and were working on division facts and more time tables. After lunch we had a circuit of Maths games. We played Mathletics, played dice games likes Snakes and Ladders and Mr Men Numberlines, played card games like Money Snap and Numicon Dominoes and played the logical thinking game ‘Rush Hour.’ Rush Hour is also available as an app, so some of us played it on the ipad too!

Some of us wore pedometers when we went out to play and we made a record of how many footsteps we did!

It was a very busy day! We had lots of fun and practised lots of maths skills. We worked together and all encouraged each other and celebrated our successes together. Lots of children achieved their Mathletics certificates, Izzy and Amalia got into the student Hall of Fame and the class got into the Class Hall of Fame!

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  1. Polly says:

    World maths day was fun,

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