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Year 2 News

Friday 27th September | 3 comments

We have had another busy and exciting week in year 2.

In English we read the traditional tale ‘The Little Red Hen’ and have looked at the alternative version ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’.  We found out that in both stories the main character wanted to make something but their unhelpful friends refused to help them. The children are now busy planning their own alternative version which they will write next week. Can they tell you about the ideas they have planned?

In maths we have continued our work on place value looking at comparing and ordering numbers.  Can you explain how to use the symbols < > = to an adult? We have also been putting numbers in order. You could play this game at home to practise:


Continuing with our ‘be healthy’ topic, we have designed and made our own food plate collages in art. We used foil, sponge, tissue paper and paint to create our art work. We think they look good enough to eat!

We would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte and Annette for coming in to speak to the children about their work.

Charlotte (Eesa’s mum) is a doctor . She brought in her doctor’s bag and showed the children the different equipment used to help diagnose patients’ illnesses.

Annette (Sebastian’s mum) is a children’s dietician. She explained how to feed poorly patients in hospitals when they are unable to eat.

3 responses to “Year 2 News”

  1. Nicola Rosalind’s Mum says:

    Lovely to see them learning from such excellent role models 🙂

  2. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    What an interesting week! Annie enjoyed making the food plate.

  3. Danielle Myers (Ivy's Mum) says:

    How lucky are the children to be meeting real NHS staff!! Great role models. They all look enthralled.

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